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Formula Student is a worldwide competition that challenges more than 800 university teams from around the world to conceive, design, manufacture and develop a formula-style race car to compete.


It is divided into 3 categories: combustion, electrical and driverless. The maximum points that a team can reach are 1,000 points. Vehicles and equipment are evaluated in different tests and the points of the combustion category (category in which EUSS MotorSport competes) are as follows:





· Business Plan

The objective of the BPP is to evaluate the team’s ability to develop and deliver a comprehensive business model which demonstrates their product – a prototype race car – could become a rewarding business opportunity that creates a monetary profit.


· Cost Report and manufacturing

The objective of the cost and manufacturing event is to evaluate the team’s understanding of the manufacturing processes and costs associated with the construction of a prototype race car. This includes trade off decisions between content and cost, make or buy decisions and understanding the differences between prototype and mass production. 


· Design

The concept of the design event is to evaluate the student’s engineering process and effort that went into the design of a vehicle, meeting the intent of the competition.




· Acceleration

The acceleration track is a straight line with a length of 75 m from starting line to finish line. The track is at least 5 m wide. Cones are placed along the track at intervals of about 5 m. Cone locations are not marked on the pavement.


· Autocross

The time, behavior and maneuverability of the car during a round trip will be assessed without the presence of the rest of the competitors.


· Endurance

It is about finish 22km in the circuit, with the difference that there are more cars on the track. 


· Skid-Pad

The skidpad track consists of two pairs of concentric circles in a figure of eight patter.