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Monday, March , 2021

Good morning, this Monday we are going to learn a little more about the communication department thanks to the article written by its director, Sonia Torres.

We could say that the work of this department is divided into two interrelated areas: on the one hand, there is the management of collaborators and, on the other, the care of the image.

Starting with the first aspect mentioned above, that of partner management, it should be noted that the team is currently designing a new strategy in terms of obtaining sponsors, giving it a new approach to the one used previously. In addition, we are implementing a new strategy, whose design has been recently finished, which consists of creating a closer relationship with the EUSS Motorsport community, formed not only by the team members, but also by the collaborators and the followers of the team, increasing the number of news published.

Regarding the aspect related to the image, we started the season with the design of a style manual, which includes all corporate aspects of EUSS Motorsport, in order to unify everything related to the team, from the image in meetings with partners to the feed of social networks, through the design of both internal and external documents.

Finally, I would like to express what this challenge means to me, and that is that, if we focus on the personal level, a challenge like this causes excitement and motivation to continue improving and learning new things to apply them to the team, but if we talk about what EUSS Motorsport means, I think that seeing how all its members strive to join forces and achieving the challenge as successfully as possible is the source of the motivation, enthusiasm and passion that defines us as a team.